We are accepting monetary and musical instrument/equipment donations at the door on the day of the event. Before the event, monetary donations will be accepted here on our website. We will also be accepting musical instrument/equipment donations at various vendors in South Florida, up until the day before the event (vendors to be announced later).


All monetary donations will go to the School Band Association of Jamaica’s competition - Jamaica’s Best School Band*; all musical instrument/equipment donations will go towards the 4 schools that were unable to enter this year’s competition due to their lack of musical instruments/equipment. Those 4 schools are: Guys Hill High (St. Catherine), Yallahs High (St. Thomas), St. Thomas Tech and Montego Bay High.

*For more information about the association or competition please visit their webpage at:


 Thank you for your donation. If you attend the game, please show confirmation of your donation at the gate. We hope to see you there!