How did this all come about?

The story of how Music Meets Sports began in 2017 can be described as a wild and magnificent series of events. Inspired in February 2017 when Kashief Lindo had a show in Atlanta and he did an interview on DaFlava Radio with Ricovibes when he asked him a specific question. He asked what he would be doing if he was not involved in music and his answer was Basketball. From that moment basketball became a discussion and RicoVibes brought up that his team should play Kashief’s team and possibly playing one-on-one. Kashief got home and thought more about it and called RicoVibes and brought up the idea, "My vision as a child" of making this into an event and he was on board. Then Kashief called Joanna Marie from JTMC Enterprise and shared his idea, without hesitation, she immediately got on board and she created the name. That was when the 1st Annual Caribbean Celeb Basketball Game 2017 was born.

Caribbean Celeb Basketball Game has become an annual event that brings top celebrities and business entities together. For many, the event may be just another glamorous celebrity event filled with positive vibes and good energy, but for Kashief Lindo, it is a dream come true having always desired to play basketball as a kid. Also, he believes that changes only take place when people and institutions are assisted to draw strength from within and helped to realize their potential and live happy lives despite their unique challenges. To this end, proceeds of this year’s event will be donated to charity. The event which brings the world of Music and Sports together also aims at providing a platform for our amiable sponsors to promote their business and develop long-lasting business connections.  

The 2nd annual Caribbean Celeb Basketball Game 2018 was a major success! We are structured to take a personal interest in enhancing the development of the community, especially children in the Caribbean. Our 3rd Caribbean Celeb Basketball Game was way better than we could have ever hoped.  Get ready for many more years of Caribbean Celeb Basketball!



- Instill structure and discipline in our youth. 

- Inspire our youth. 

- Provide opportunities for development and growth. 


- Creating and promoting cultural and artistic events through music and sports. 

- Provide mentorship opportunities to foster and develop artistic and sports talent. 


- We are filling the void that would otherwise prevent young gifted talent from developing to their full potential.


We want to be able to sponsor music rooms and athletic training centers in underprivileged communities within the caribbean.